Giving Back


At Peachtree, one of our supporting pillars is Community and we encourage our hotels to be active and engage the community in which they live and exist. We created a CARE Committee program that is implemented and championed by team members at each hotel, to inspire participation throughout the hotel and give back to several different organizations located in their community throughout the year.

Some examples are: Habitat for Humanity, locals schools, homeless shelters, women’s and children’s centers & humane societies, and a host of other national charities as chosen by each hotel.

What does CARE represent?





The CARE Committee conducts monthly meetings to focus on future fundraising and volunteering initiatives, review opportunities within the hotel to improve product and service, create incentive programs for their fellow team members and ensures brand standards are kept up to date.



We cannot expect our hotels to give back without a great example from our corporate team.

CLEAN THE WORLD: In the hospitality industry, soap, shampoos and other toiletries are wasted several times a day. Peachtree has partnered with the Clean the World Foundation, an organization that collects, sorts and processes these items to be recycled and distributed to at-risk people throughout the world. Through this small act, millions of deaths caused by hygiene-related illnesses are prevented each year. Please visit their website for more information and to find out how to get involved:

Our executives donate and participate in the following organizations and tournaments throughout the United States:

Senior Connections

Woodruff Arts Center

True Blue Do- UNC Chapel Hill: Study Abroad Scholarship

Make a Wish Foundation

East Lake Foundation
University of Texas at Austin: College of Natural Sciences Annual Giving Program

Florida Schools

The Drake House
The Luke Project

Camp Sunshine

Mackee Crosswy Athletic Endowment

“Phil” Anthropy